After the bitter cold during the first few days of the year, the kids are excited to be back outside! 

Upper Elementary class had their first monthly game afternoon today! In
response to the interest and hobbies of students last year, the last
Monday afternoon of each month has been designated for indoor group
games. The teachers of the class provide some games, but students are
welcome to bring their own to share as well! Our next game afternoon
will take place October 30th

After two weeks of learning to use some of the new curriculum in the Upper Elementary class, the students are gaining confidence in choosing activities that meet their weekly assignment goals and help them to practice executive functioning skills. A snippet of student activities for you to see!

Writing their names in hieroglyphics.
‍Learning about the Great Sphinx, of which a replica artifact is on display at the history table.
‍Reading about ancient civilizations.
Rounding to the thousands, Slap style!

Adding, subtracting, and now multiplying with the Stamp Game.

‍Using Hangman to practice spelling words.
Diagramming sentences with the grammar symbols.
First art class of the year! 

A few pictures from our classroom the first couple of days. We're all loving the work cycle time!

This is from the FaceBook page of one of our instructors - an experience she had today. It encapsulates the wonderful environment the staff at PSA is working so hard to create: a place where kids are free to move about the room (without disrupting others, of course), have access to stimulating materials, and are given the encouragement and support to integrate their skills with _actual life_! 


"A proud teacher moment today:A student finished their work early, so they chose to pick up the book on New York left on display in the room. I asked them to find something interesting and tell me about it, and a picture of Trump was stumbled upon."When did this book come out?! It must be new, because Trump is in it!"This led to a discussion on why Trump is famous, even as "far back" as 1992 when the book was published. This then led to the statement,"Wow! He must be OLD!" So I asked them to figure out how old Trump is. They found his birthdate in the book, and I demonstrated how to use the current year and his birth year in a subtraction problem to determine the answer. 71 this year."Wow. He IS old."Haha! This is now a random fact, probably ingrained in this student, because it was a mini research project conducted of their own interest.This is my mission next year. To create an environment where THIS is the norm. Where students have the time to explore the world and make it meaningful to them. I can't wait. 


In honor of school spirit week, eight of the eleven upper elementary students were asked their thoughts on PSA!