It's time for kids to sign up for the 1st quarter Friday classes! Please make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can be sure they are in their preferred classes!

The next blood drive is coming right up! May 18th at the Poland Town Hall. Make your appointment soon! 

As a member of our school's "family", whether past or present, I am sure you are aware that we not only provide academic instruction for students, but we also provide things such as food, emotional support, and even clothing for students who need the extra help.

Many of our staff do this for students in spite of the fact that their income through the school is very minimal, and they already need to be "creative" in order to provide for their own families' needs.

If you have been considering the possibility of donating to an organization before the end of the tax year, please remember that not only are we a 501(c)3 (meaning that your donation is tax deductible), but 100% of your donation would go toward helping us to continue helping us meet students needs and paying for the overhead that comes with this. 

We keep our costs as low as possible, but in keeping our classes small, we also keep our tuition income low, leaving us with a gap in need of filling.

A donation, whether small or large, would make a difference for us, and be greatly appreciated.

Donations may be sent to our Post Office box, but you can also go to our Facebook page, and use the "donate" link on the bottom of the top post, or even use the Paypal link on that post.

Thank you for your generosity!