Sometimes assessing if your students know something is far more accurate and productive when it's not a test! Three of my middle school students chose to play a game and make a hands on project to show me what they knew from the week's lesson. They worked as a team to make this model of an animal cell. They had to include all the parts of the cell they have been learning about, and then they had to each present two organelles and their functions. To see the excitement, interaction, and teamwork on my students' faces was amazing! I love that we have the ability at PSA to work with small groups of children and give them interactive, fun, hands-on ways to learn! As a teacher, I have a far better understanding of what materials they know and understand than if I had handed them a test! 

Our Middle School students love studying and showing of their knowledge with these fun hands on projects today!!

Today's experiment with bubbles showed how a cell membrane works! After the experiment we went outside and showed the littlest learner's of PSA a few bubble tricks!! Everyone learned and had lots of fun!!

                                 First art class for the year! 

The middle schoolers hit the ground running with their first science experiment of the year!! They are learning about the cell membrane and its functions!