While they have discovered they can cook many types of things without a kitchen set up, when the cooking class made a garden salad with shredded chicken and homemade Italian dressing, it was one of the President's favorites! 

A day of creation, discovery, teamwork, competition, laughter, and sharing. Another normal Friday at our school.
In one class, I (Melanie) had 11 kids working with various types of clay. Some were using self-drying clay to make something with a head. Some were using modeling clay to do stop-motion videos. Some were using Sculpy clay to make figures that could be baked.
"How can I soften this?"
"What are you making?"
"How do you use this to app to do the stop motion video?"
"What is happening in your video?"
"How can I make it slower?"

A classroom filled with controlled chaos is not without its challenges, but it DOES have plenty of reward!

(The photo is one student's tribute to the Area 51 activities and UFO videos recently released.


It's time to sign up for your Friday classes for the 1st quarter!

Please take a look at the schedule below, and message us to let us know what classes you (your child[ren]) would like to be in. Be sure to sign up for classes/study times so that your morning is full.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Check out the most recent zoology class activities here

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Slide show from our trip to Harvard Museum of Natural History here

On Fridays we offer classes that are, for the most part, a bit different from the traditional core classes. For this quarter we are doing STEAM, Wilderness Survival and Jr. Wilderness, Sign Language, Art, and outdoor games.

All of these classes are done with multiple grades involved.


We strongly believe that being involving students of different ages increases the depth of most classes. For example, one previous STEM class we did resulted in younger students having the opportunity to see projects they didn't get a chance to work on, and for older students to see that they have things they can learn from the younger ones (the younger ones succeeded more often in the egg drop than the older ones! )

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