The last quarter starts in just a few days! (April 2nd) We will be having students select their classes for this quarter. Please be discussing the options with your children: Japanese Culture, Crafts, Fine Arts, STEM, Basic Computer Skills, Nature Class, High School Natural Health class, and Working are the choices this quarter! 

This past Friday, Paul Veit, aka the Dino Pastor, came to visit the students. Lots of conversation, and lots of cool fossils!

Starting this fall, we are offering classes that are, for the most part, a bit different from the traditional core classes. For this quarter we are doing STEM, Nature Studies, Home Ec, Drama, Photography, Fine Arts, and Childcare Training.

All of these classes are done with multiple grades involved, with some of them including grades from 1-12 in the same types of activities, if not the same level of expectation.


We strongly believe that being involving students of different ages increases the depth of most classes. For example, the STEM class we did this past week resulted in younger students having the opportunity to see projects they didn't get a chance to work on, and for older students to see that they have things they can learn from the younger ones (the younger ones succeeded more often in the egg drop than the older ones! )

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