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Thanks to your support, we continue to give hundreds of a children a better place to learn.
Students and families often come to us with so many needs besides academic ones; there is no way we can meet these needs without the help of others in our communities.

The biggest need for most of our students’ families, is financial. While we cannot help them directly with that need, we do our best to keep the tuition rates low enough for them to be able to enable their child to attend school in the smaller environment they need. However, this means that we face our own financial challenges.

Without the help of our partners, whether parents with resources, donors, or grants resources, we would not be able to continue supporting individuals and families in the ways we do. Thank you to all who are part of our partnership team!
There are many ways for PSA partners to help accomplish our essential mission...
Basic Supplies Currently Needed
Thank you for taking the time to consider how you can help PSA stretch our limited funds!

Visit this page for a real time list of our current operational supply needs.
The list is ordered according to most urgent need.

Please note! We have included pictures from If you would like to order things for us, ordering through will not only provide us with the materials, but we will also receive a donation for each purchase!

However, the pictures are actually included for reference - ordering through Amazon is not a requirement.
You can help us complete several important projects at the PSA campus!
We will be replacing the roof on one of the modulars this summer, but need someone who can remove and replace the ceiling as well. Anyone? 

This summer we would like to get the entry way completed as well. Although we do have a team that will be doing the majority of the work, having extra hands to collect brush, etc... would be much appreciated! 

As well as that, we would like to get the curriculum in the shed sorted out into categories. There are plenty of books and materials to go through, so help would be wonderful! 
If you are able to help with any of our projects, please let Melanie know at 713-8520.

Volunteer Opportunities At PSA