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Cultivating a Lifelong
Love of Learning

Education is critical to success! For many families, however, educational success is impaired by the challenges their children face in traditional school programs. Poland Spring Academy is a school which offers a variety of learning options tailored specifically to meet each student’s individual needs; ensuring individual success and an ongoing love of learning to benefit them throughout their entire lifetime.

Looking for a new learning environment for your kids? Something smaller, with a supportive staff, and a more individualized approach to learning? 

We currently have openings for preschool through 12th grade, but only a few in each classroom, so get in touch with us soon! We'll be happy to talk with you about your situation, and what we have to offer, including after school childcare. 

Educational options that you've been looking for
Poland Spring Academy offers classroom based programs and home school guidance to students at the Pre-K through High School levels. Independent study and online tutoring are also available to those who desire it or who live too far away for regular attendance.
There is now a homeschool cooperative connected to our school. Please check it out via their Facebook page! 
Trusted partners to set your child on their path to a great future
The dedicated staff at Poland Spring Academy will develop a custom fit program for each student based on their current abilities and particular learning style. Our “everyone succeeds” policy allows each student to spend as much time as is needed to complete each subject area. Staff provides individual attention as needed to ensure every student achieves the standard of learning required to receive credit. PSA's "family like" atmosphere is a safe environment that respects and reinforces the values of each individual family within our learning community.
Contact us to discuss enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year
For more information about our learning programs, or to arrange a visit to Poland Spring Academy with your child, please contact Melanie LaFrinea at: 207-713-8520

 Program Options

IndividualIZED Learning Paths

Pre K - 12

For full-time or part-time students, including those who attend during regular school hours, outside of school hours, or via the internet. We strive to meet the specific academic needs of individual students. Each plan includes all basic academic subject areas, as well as focusing on other areas unique to each student's abilities and interests.


Enables students to work independently on the curriculum developed exclusively for their needs in their pursuit of a high school diploma. Individual learners have access to school staff for guidance and academic support.


We work with students requiring more personal choice in their education and more opportunities to pursue learning experiences that reflect their personal interests, career aspirations, or cultural heritage.


For parents who have chosen a Homeschooling option, Poland Spring Academy assists with developing curriculum and preparing for the end of year assessment. End of year testing and assessments are also available through PSA.
Through the Hope Springs Homeschool Cooperative, we are now inviting homeschoolers to be involved in our unique Friday classes, as well as to use the facilities and materials at certain times.